Monday, 25 March 2013

Slimming World - New Award

Very happy and proud of myself!
Got my 3 and half stone award in Slimming World at weigh in tonight.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Slimming World - Weigh in Night & More Meal Ideas

So last night was weigh in night at Slimming World. I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd had a very busy weekend and had eaten out several times but still managed to stick to plan.
I lost 2lb! Bringing my total to 47.5lb or 3stone 5.5lb. I'm really hoping to get my 3 and a half stone award next week and get to the 50lb total the week after.

I've added a few picures of some more of my meals, my favourite - salmon, sugar snap peas and a jacket potato with cheese (using my healthy extra) then diet coke chicken and finally a 'fakeaway' chicken kebab and cheesy chips using my healthy extras for the cheese and whole meal pitta.
If anyone wants any recipes just let me know...

Monday, 18 March 2013

Saturday 16th March (part 2) - The Vintage Fair (Newcastle)

So we headed on to The Castlegate to go to our second fair of the day 'The Vintage Fair'. This one was a bit harder to find but we got there in the end.
Once inside we paid our £2 entry fee (Bargain) and took a look around, this fair was a much different set up to the first fair, it was in a huge hall with a stage and was jam packed with stalls.
We made our way round and got to look at the amazing stuff for sale, chat to the friendly stall holders and add more stuff to my wish list.
My sister purchased a hat that looked fab with her coat and pearls, I purchased 5 more scarfs and a couple of band t-shirts.
We left feeling very pleased with our purchases and looking forward to the next fairs we can get to.
We made our way to Yo Sushi for a well deserved sit down and yummy Sushi.
Pictures below are from The Vintage Fair.

Saturday 16th March (Part 1) - Our Visit to The Newcastle Does Vintage Fair

I was so excited for Saturday to come around, not only was I meeting up with my lovely sister Gemma, we were going to not one but two Vintage Fairs in Newcastle.
We arrived in Newcastle at around 11am and had an early lunch as not to waste valuable vintage fair time. We headed to the Theatre Royal to the Newcastle Does Vintage Fair first as that one had started at 10.30am. Once inside we paid our £1 admission (bargain) and were told to make sure we went all the way to the top of the theatre as there were stalls on every floor.
My sister found the perfect fur jacket she had been dreaming about on the first stall we looked at so was very pleased. We made our way around the stalls on all the floors which were all brilliant and the stall owners so nice and helpful and made some more purchases, we saw some amazing vintage items too.
My sister went on to purchase a long string of pearls so go with her jacket and I bought a wax jacket for my husband and a scarf. I also had a wish list as long as my arm!
We had very much enjoyed our first vintage fair experience and we're very much looking forward to heading over to the Castlegate to go to the next one...
Pictures below are of the Newcastle does Vintage Fair.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Red Nose Day

Following on from yesterdays blog post here are my daughters ready for Red Nose Day at school.
Lets hope lots of money is raised for Comic Relief today.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Short Notice Shopping - Fancy Dress for Red Nose Day tomorrow...

Wednesday after school I got a letter telling me that on Friday my daughters will need 80's theme fancy dress and crazy hair for school on friday to raise money for Comic Relief.
I love putting together fancy dress for days like this but one days notice really doesn't leave me a lot of time!
Anyway I had a plan in my head and went into one of the bigger local towns today to see what I could find.
Daughter number 3 is in Nursery so any fancy dress goes, she is doing Peppa Pig.
Daughter number 2 isnt really big on fancy dress so we have gone with a TK MAX 'Stella Mccartney' red nose t-shirt, leggings, some coloured fake hair from Primark, sweat bands and red hair spray from Claires Accessories.
Daughter number 1 is making more of an effort with the 80's theme and has an oversized metalic top from Primark, leggings, 80's style hair and accessories.
I will post pictures of them all tomorrow.
I think I will need to get up much earlier in the morning as I predict it will be chaos!
Whilst shopping I got a couple of good bargains - 2 pretty tea towels for 50p each from Primark and a fab 'Bird Cage' canvas from a charity shop for £1.
Pictures below show some of our Red Nose Day goodies and my bargains.

Top £5.99 TK MAX, red/glitter hair sprays 2 for £4.50 & sweat bands £4 Claire's Accessories, head boppers £2 Oxfam, coloured hair pieces £1 each Primark.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Interiors - Easy Homemade Pictures

I recently decorated most of my house in one way or another and was always looking at ways to save money as it was a very costly time.
One of the things I came up with was making pictures/wall art myself. It's a very simple idea but most people who have come to visit us have said "what a clever idea, I would never have thought of that" so I thought I'd share the idea on my blog.
I decorated one of my reception rooms with the beautiful birdcage wallpaper from NEXT and made 2 matching pictures out of the left over wallpaper.
In my bedroom I went for the NEXT 'bright birds' bedding range & bought a roll of the wallpaper to make 2 matching pictures.
I also made some pictures for my hallway out of left over Ikea 'Rosali' Cath Kidston fabric.
The easiest way is to get some cheap canvas's and use a staple gun to attach the wallpaper or fabric around it. I also used a frame from an old Ikea picture with 3 spaces in the frame, this was very easy too as just used some Sellotape to hold the wallpaper in place.
Such an easy, simple thing to do that can save lots of money as things like this can be so expensive and often matching items are not available.

Pictures below show some of the pictures I made.

                                                                My Reception Room

My Bedroom

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Few Slimming World Meals

I just thought I'd share a few of my favourite Slimming world meals, I have to many so will do regular blog posts with my meals.
My 3 daughters think I'm crazy as I'm always taking pictures of the food I eat!
I won't do recipes at the moment but if anyone wants them just comment and let me know.
I love Slimming World, it's changed my life since I joined in November - I don't think I would have even had the confidence to Blog without it...

                           Slimming world pancake with strawberrys

Muller light, 30g of All Bran Golden Crunch (healthy Extra) & Berrys

Chick Pea Dahl Curry, Slimming World Chips & Rice

Todays Bargain Finds

Today I went to one of the local towns to pick up a pair of boots for daughter number 3 to wear for nursery from Clarks. Whilst I was there I decided to have a rummage in a couple of charity shops and found a really cool t-shirt for £1 for daughter number 2 that will look great with her bright skinny jeans and Converse. She is only 5 but loves clothes already.
I also picked up a bargain John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Hair care set from Morrisons for £2.48, it was reduced with a lot of other mothers day gifts.
Bargains always make my day better.

Pictures below of today's bargain finds.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Plans for Saturday - Vintage Fairs in Newcastle

Beyond excited for Saturday! Meeting up with my lovely little sister for the day in Newcastle and as if that wasn't good enough we are going to some Vintage Fayres.
Will post after I've been with lots of pictures of the Vintage goodies on offer.
Picture below is an advert for one of the fairs.

New Dr Martens

I've reciently discovered a love for Dr Marten boots. Yes they are expensive but in my opinion worth every penny! My love started about 3 weeks ago when I bought my first pair of 8 hole oxblood boots in Office at the Metro Centre.
They will last me forever so I don't really need any more but spotted a bargain pair of the canvas Page grey 8 hole boots on the Schuh outlet 'Branch308' on eBay for £30 plus £3.50 postage so it would have been rude not to buy them!
I ordered friday and they arrived today so a fantastic service.
I'm very happy with them, they will be perfect in the spring.
Pictures below are my Oxblood 8 hole boots & my Grey Canvas Page 8 hole boots.

Weigh-in night

I've been a member of Slimming World since November 5th and love it! I love going to my group on a monday evening and having nearly 2 hours child free time, meeting new friends and most importantly loosing weight.
My weigh in night is monday and this week I have lost another 1.5lb bringing my total to 3st 3.5lb or 45.5lb.
Bring on next week and fingers crossed for a good loss!
Dinner tonight is spicy chicken, cous cous with salad and a homemade yogurt and mint dip. Yummy and a grand total of 0 Syns.
I've added a picture of the stickers on my book, sorry for the quality but I couldn't use the flash and only have a camera phone at the moment.