Wednesday, 30 July 2014

First ever Proper family holiday ....

Tomorrow we embark on our first ever proper family holiday as a family of 5! 
Myself, husband, and 3 daughters age 11, 7 and 4 are very much excited and looking forward to it.

It's a week long holiday to a cheap and cheerful apartment in Marmaris, Turkey.  We booked it last minute so the last week or so getting everything ready has been manic! Especially as my husband works away so I've done everything by myself!

No one tells you when booking a last minute holiday there is so much more other stuff to sort out!! I thought holiday clothes would be the hardest thing to do. I had travel insurance, visas, booking kennels for our dog, money, clothes, shoes, making sure I had the right sun care for the kids (this was a minefield alone) printing out excessive amounts of booking forms etc, airport parking & more!! I feel like I need and deserve a holiday now. 

But never mind all that as it's finally here! I'm about to log off and go for a lovely pedicure so my feet look presentable for the holiday (nothing to do with the fact now the husband is home I would love an hour to myself) kids are so excited and the two youngest woke me up this morning by singing "it's the final countdown".

Airport parking is booked tomorrow for 10am then we will drop our bags off and plonk ourselves somewhere in the airport and RELAX until it's time to get on the plane.

Wish us luck!!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

A short version of my weight loss journey...

Well 5th November 2012 I joined Slimming World, by November 2013 I had lost 6 stone. I eventually want to lose another 1-2 stone but since then I've been maintaining the loss with a few ups and downs.

My biggest challenge now is making the weight loss a life change and keeping it off forever! I have no doubt this be a challenge and it will never be easy for me as I put weight back on so easily! I had a week off at Christmas and put 6.5lb on!!

I joined the gym earlier this year and absolutely love it! I go most mornings while daughter number 3 is at nursery. she starts school in September so I can start doing more and not being tied to mornings. I never ever thought I would love going to the gym! I also do aerobics and swimming and fitness is now a huge part of my life, I am into my 4th month now and feel so much better physically and emotionally, exercise really does help me feel better mentally.

learning to love myself again is a huge thing for me, I have good and bad days but more good than bad now which is great! finding fashion again is fab and I now have a love of fashion and make up and I am making up for lost time.

its July 2014 now and I am not going to a slimming world class anymore but I weigh myself weekly on a Friday morning. I have put a few pounds on so I'm on a mission to loose it - needing to loose a few pounds doesn't bother me though as I lost about 90 in total so its nothing compared to that!!

Getting back to my Blog...

I've not blogged for ages really...

I didn't really have a direction with it, wasn't sure what to blog about. So today I decided to have a good think about what I wanted to blog about and give it a name change a (slightly) new direction and give it a go again!

what have I got to lose?

So this blog will be mainly about my weight loss journey and my gorgeous family as well as learning to love myself and live my life to the full again after loosing 6 stone.

Shelley xo