Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Interiors - Easy Homemade Pictures

I recently decorated most of my house in one way or another and was always looking at ways to save money as it was a very costly time.
One of the things I came up with was making pictures/wall art myself. It's a very simple idea but most people who have come to visit us have said "what a clever idea, I would never have thought of that" so I thought I'd share the idea on my blog.
I decorated one of my reception rooms with the beautiful birdcage wallpaper from NEXT and made 2 matching pictures out of the left over wallpaper.
In my bedroom I went for the NEXT 'bright birds' bedding range & bought a roll of the wallpaper to make 2 matching pictures.
I also made some pictures for my hallway out of left over Ikea 'Rosali' Cath Kidston fabric.
The easiest way is to get some cheap canvas's and use a staple gun to attach the wallpaper or fabric around it. I also used a frame from an old Ikea picture with 3 spaces in the frame, this was very easy too as just used some Sellotape to hold the wallpaper in place.
Such an easy, simple thing to do that can save lots of money as things like this can be so expensive and often matching items are not available.

Pictures below show some of the pictures I made.

                                                                My Reception Room

My Bedroom

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